Happy New Year 2014
Happy New Year!

I am a girl who LOVES her rituals, and that means…..it’s time for goals and resolutions!!! Last year, I did pretty well, so this year, I’m going to be a little more ambitious.

Maintain balance. Some writing. Some fun. Some teaching. Some learning. Some salad. Some chocolate.

Get that new idea on the page. I have two discovery drafts and one loosely formed idea sitting in a drawer. I need to make up my mind and go!

Volunteer for something to make my local community stronger. On a regular basis. Make a difference.

Send cards and gifts on time. YES. This may seem like a gimme to some, but in my family, it’s a big deal. I am going to ignore my genetic disposition, stop making excuses, and put things in the mail!

Laugh more. Make more time with family and friends. 

More yoga, if possible, too. Because it makes me feel great and puts everything else into perspective. 

What are your resolutions? If they include writing for young people, consider signing up for Monday Motivation (on my website under TIPS)–weekly thoughts and tips and exercises to help you write. Or take a class with me. Email me! I love working with aspiring writers! 





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