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A tough scene

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time on ONE scene. Adding to it. Playing with time. Using scene…and summary. Writing …


Try it!

  Here’s a prompt that really helped me get out of my rut: In your current scene pin down the moment when …


Today’s writing prompt…

comes from Susan Hughes.   Who else is obsessed with the discovery of Richard III’s bones???? I bet it’s the seed that …


Try it!

It’s the very first question I always ask. Answer quickly. Not too much thinking! What does this character want….and why?  


Try it!

What is your book… In TEN WORDS…..or less?????    


Try it!

In honor of my fifth wedding anniversary, today’s prompt is MUSHY to the MAX. Write a vow to someone you love. Your …


Try it!

In honor of Sandy, today’s writing prompt is all about the weather. Does your character have a safe place in your novel? …