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Believe book

Lerner | ISBN: 978-1467706971


When Janine Collins was six years old, she was the only survivor of a suicide bombing that killed her parents and dozens of others. Media coverage instantly turned her into a symbol of hope, peace, faith–of whatever anyone wanted her to be. Now, on the ten-year anniversary of the bombing, reporters are camped outside her house, eager to revisit the story of the “Soul Survivor.”

Janine doesn’t want the fame–or the pressure–of being a walking miracle. But the news cycle isn’t the only thing standing between her and a normal life. Everyone wants something from her, expects something of her. Even her closest friends are urging her to use her name-recognition for a “worthy cause.” But that’s nothing compared to the hopes of Dave Armstrong–the man who, a decade ago, pulled Jannine from the rubble. Now he’s a religious leader whose followers believe Janine has healing powers.

The scariest part? They might be right.

If she’s the Soul Survivor, what does she owe the people who believe in her? If she’s not the Soul Survivor, who is she?



This is a great novel to spark discussion on current affairs, living up to others’ expectations, and how fame changes lives. Teens will relate to Janine’s search for her place in this world.

Head Case book

Roaring Brook Press | ISBN: 978-146687433

Head Case

Named a 2008 Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers.

One mistake.
One bad night.
One too many drinks.

Frank Marder is a head, paralyzed from the neck down, and it’s his fault. He was drinking. He was driving. Now Frank can’t walk, he can’t move, he can’t feel his skin. He needs someone to feed him, to wash him, to move his body.

When you’re a head, do you ever feel like a whole person? Will Frank eve get to forgive himself?

If you ask most of the people who post on the www.quadkingonthenet, he hasn’t been adequately punished. Two people are dead because of him. Frank should go to jail. Only “Anonymous” disagrees.

A powerful and heartbreaking debut novel and a guy who had it all . . .until he drank that one last beer and got into the car. Head Case will make you consider how we judge each other. And how we can move beyond our mistakes—with honesty, compassion, and even humor.




  • Written in a true-to-life bitter young man’s voice, it tackles hard truths about taking chances, being irresponsible, and the possible consequences of driving after drinking.

    School Library Journal
  • Aronson’s raw first novel delves into the emotions, mobility, daily functions (e.g., eating, talking on a phone and using a computer) and even the pleasures and sex of quadriplegics. Above all, it asks us to consider how we value individuals with disabilities.

Beyond Lucky Book

Penguin Young Readers | ISBN: 978-0803735200

Beyond Lucky

  • VOYA 2012 Top Shelf Pick for Middle Readers.
  • Received a starred review from Jewish Book World.
  • Nominated for the 2012-3 Maine State Book Award, the 2014 Sequoia Book Award, and the 2013-4 Mark Twain Award.

Ari Fish believes in two things: his hero—Wayne Timcoe, the greatest soccer goalie to ever come out of Ari’s hometown—and luck. So when Ari finds a super-rare Wayne Timcoe trading card, he’s sure he must be the luckiest kid ever. Especially when he’s picked to be the starting goalie for his travel team. Everything is going perfectly until the card goes missing and Ari’s luck runs out. Suddenly he can’t save a goal, his team is fighting, and he can’t rely on his lucky card to fix it. Will his luck turn back around in time for the league championships, or will he need to find something else to believe in?




  • Aronson skillfully dodges the predictability of sports-themed books by creating multilayered characters and an intriguing whodunit involving a valuable missing rookie card…Aronson’s graceful storytelling will keep even nonsoccer buffs turning pages.

    Publishers Weekly
  • Readers will love Ari as they watch his character transform into a hero and change his luck forever.

    Children's Literature
  • Beyond Lucky offers an interesting tale of friendship and competition that moves at a good pace, carefully interweaving the stories of the protagonist’s personal and athletic growth. The soccer action will make the story extra appealing to seasoned players, but does not exclude those who are unfamiliar with the sport.

    School Library Journal