Do you know a real life fairy godmother (or godfather)?

To celebrate the release of The Wish List #1 — The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever, I want to profile real life godmothers (and of course, godfathers)–people who go out of their way to make others happily ever after!

Do you know someone who makes the world a better place?

Would you like to celebrate their awesomeness?

Send me a note!

(I’ll send you a prize!!!)

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    1. Sarah Aronson

      Now, you lovely writer, you, tell me about someone else! Not that flattery won’t get you places, but I want to hear about godmothers and godfathers all over! People who are making a difference! So I can celebrate them!!!! <3

  1. My fairy godmother is Nancy Ruth Patterson. She has a wand full of sparkle magic, and she’s not afraid to use it. I met Nancy in a children’s literature class. She was the teacher. I was on my way to becoming a librarian. Working full-time and taking night classes exhausted me. The joyful energy of Nancy’s classes (children’s lit and later young adult lit) kept me going. When I talk with other librarians who were in those classes with me a decade ago, it’s not uncommon for someone to mention that Nancy made them feel special, like the most important person in the room. Maybe it was her wand. Maybe it was because she encouraged the best from each of us. She listened to and laughed with us. She shared stories from her childhood and her years of teaching high school. She told us that she grew up being told by her mother not to have a good day but instead to give a good day. And here, I think, is the root of her magic. Nancy received her sparkle power from her mother, but she doesn’t keep it. She gives it to her students. She gives it to the children who read her stories, like The Christmas Cup and Ellie Ever, and to the audience members who see her books turned into plays. She gives it to the many writers she mentors, who put magic in their stories and share it with children. Nancy gives us a good day, so we can give a good day to others. To me, that is the real magic behind living happily ever after.

    Thanks, Sarah, for this chance to celebrate my fairy godmother. You gave me a good day!

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