Don’t save it for later!

walter and hankWhen Walter White pulled that GPS out of his pocket and Hank closed the garage door, like a lot of fans, I sat on the edge of my seat.

As a writer, I was reminded of this excellent advice (ie: the kind I sometimes need to be reminded of):

spend itThose writers understand what it means to create tension. They could have saved this scene. They could have milked it. In fact, I almost expected it. (Almost, because in the past, these writers have not failed me.) But if they had, I would have watched.

Instead, they pushed the plot forward. They didn’t save the confrontational scene we knew would happen last season when Hank picked up Leaves of Grass. Those writers jumped off the proverbial cliff and in the process opened up even more plot possibilities.

Reminder of the Day: Are YOU saving a scene for later? Are you trying to maintain suspense by holding back a revelation, confrontation, or scene?

What would happen if you didn’t?????

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