For Teachers

I love visiting schools in person and via Skype! Email me directly to find out more about my programs for readers and writers!


Here’s a sample of things Sarah likes to do with readers:

  • Wish Granted! Together, let’s talk about the power of wishes, random acts of kindness, and all the different ways that we can make others happily ever after! Sarah will lead a fun session that includes wand making and the three things every fairy godmother needs: kindness, determination, and gusto. Wave your wands! Help build empathy and understanding in the class and community.
  • The Beyond Lucky Guide for Future Writers: In this class or multi-class presentation, Sarah will talk about her life as a writer and give a candid look inside the creative process from inspiration to draft, to revisions, rejections, and finally publication.
  • Story Soup: In this hands-on workshop, students will create their own stories based on prompts and ideas we come up with together!
  • Revision Tips That Really Work: Sarah’s top five revision tips will get your students looking at their stories in a whole new way!

Need some fun activities? Check out my padlet!


  • Half-Day School Visit (1-2 presentations) within the Chicago area
  • Full-Day School Visit (up to 4 presentations) within the local Chicago
  • Keynote presentation
  • Skype visits

For out of state visits, please include travel.

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