Getting to know your novel

Dear Writers,

Are you working on a novel? Need some motivation to kickstart your revision? Or perhaps a new way to think about revision–or what I call reimagination?

Or are you simply tired of going it alone?

Registration is open for Getting To Know Your Novel at the Highlights Foundation.

Here’s what makes this class unique!

First, the format.

We meet for eight weeks online. I post lectures and lots of writing exercises that will help you and push you to understand your novel and characters. It will help you look at your novel–not just as its creator. The exercises will help you analyze your characters and know them better. You will dig! You will think about every plot turn, the forward motion of the story, the logical progression. We will talk about things like anticipation. And tension. And change. You will have access to all kinds of resources–including videos.

Then we meet at The Barn for MORE. More workshop, more lectures, writing time, and the magic that is Highlights–great food and community! (It’s amazing!!!)

Second, the writers.

Can I just say how lucky I am? Joining me are writers, Cori McCarthy, Mary Winn Heider, and Laura Sibson. They are generous. They are dedicated.

And so are the writers that take this class! If you want to be FEARLESS, this is the class for you.

For example, in last year’s Getting To Know Your Novel, some writers worked on stories they’d been drafting for a long time. Some worked on newer stuff.(Bringing your Nano novel to this class is a great idea!) One writer came with JUST an idea. She used the class and the exercises to draft her novel. I love it all!

Why does it work?

Prompts make my brain swirl. Stepping away from my manuscript makes me answer the important questions that are essential to creating three dimensional and authentic characters and stories. Great people and conversation trigger epiphanies! Epiphanies make our stories stronger!

From backstory to lists to maps–these kinds of activities work. Talking about story helps, too. In this class, the door is OPEN. Whatever you need–we will make sure you get it!

Also: there is Molly (the dog). And on the next farm, a donkey.

And did I mention that the food is great?

Most important, you will be read. 

For the retreat, either Cori or I will read 50 pages and a synopsis of your novel. You will also submit 20p for workshop for workshop with Mary Winn and Laura. 

At Highlights, you will have time to work and consult with all of us. You will leave with a plan. With community. With support.

My promise: 

I believe in a balance of play and intention–of diving into the story and then stepping back–in other words, creativity plus analysis. In this class, you will write. You’ll draw. You’ll plunge. You’ll plot. You’ll have the chance to ask us anything about the process.

Pretty soon, we will make an exciting announcement about the class! So stay tuned! Or email the Highlights Foundation and get ready to get ready!  

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know YOUR novel. If you have questions, please ask!

xo sarah


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