Goals and Resolutions

2012, like all years, was filled with ups and downs. Actually, for my family, HUGE ups and HUGE downs…moments where I asked big questions of fairness, fate, and justice….and moments where I celebrated personal accomplishments and joy in our family. In our world, we watched terrible tragedies. We talked politics A LOT.

And then we moved.

We came to Evanston, Illinois, and at first, it felt like a huge risk. But even before we got here (via a crazy lot of driving and a wedding), I have never felt so embraced by a place before. I have always been lucky to have good friends, but in Evanston . . . well . . . I am speechless. Humbled. So happy. Everything that could have been hard about this move was made easy by new friends and colleagues who opened doors for our family and made it possible…and even easy…to feel like we were home.

So, today, before making goals and resolutions, I want to say THANK YOU!!!

Now, let’s look forward to 2013 and its many new lists. I have a bunch of timed goals that would probably bore you to tears, so let’s stick to the general stuff for now….the kind we can raise our glasses to.

In 2013, I will….

finish the works in progress. (YES I WILL)

take new chances.

enjoy the boy’s last semester of high school and embrace the concept of the empty nest.

eat good food (especially chocolate).

and make sure that everyone knows how loved they are…we are in this together. I couldn’t write a word without this secure feeling.


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