?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, one of the funny things about having a blog and newsletter is being able to go back and see how I did. 

For the record, these were my goals for 2014:

Maintain balance. Some writing. Some fun. Some teaching. Some learning. Some salad. Some chocolate.

Get that new idea on the page. I have two discovery drafts and one loosely formed idea sitting in a drawer. I need to make up my mind and go!

Volunteer for something to make my local community stronger. On a regular basis. Make a difference.

Send cards and gifts on time. YES. This may seem like a gimme to some, but in my family, it’s a big deal. I am going to ignore my genetic disposition, stop making excuses, and put things in the mail!

Laugh more. Make more time with family and friends. 

More yoga, if possible, too. Because it makes me feel great and puts everything else into perspective. 

So, I think I did okay.

I taught. I worked at Northwestern. I revised TWO of my ideas and I took both to a new level. One has had great rejections and some close calls, plus lots of feedback. (Rough but the jury isn’t done yet!!!) The other will get to the agent soon. I also wrote two picture books (one didactic, one needs an ending) and started a nonfiction project. 

I volunteered at my synagogue. 

I laughed a lot, and if I didn’t do MORE yoga (thanks to a bum shoulder), I have been in the gym! 


Sadly, I still hate going to the post office and have once again sent NO holiday card. My kids get coupons for the holidays. I have just finished wrapping holiday gifts for co-workers. Sigh. Maybe next year. Or maybe everyone can simply give me some slack. 

I feel really great about 2015! I have one last discovery draft to deal with plus a blazing hot new idea to play with. I have two graduations and a wedding this spring, Highlights in August, VCFA in March, and KW in Feb. That’s a pretty good head start on fabulous.

I feel humble and lucky! I LOVE working with writers, and I am so happy when writers who read my newsletter send me a note. Happy New Year!!!

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