Jeri Baird

Jeri BairdTokens and Omens

Zander, Alexa, and the other sixteen-year-old children of their village must prepare for their quest, a dangerous rite of passage, by earning tokens through good deeds to combat the deadly omens incurred for wrongdoings.

In Puck’s Gulch, sixteen-year-olds undergo a dangerous trial known as the Quest. During a time of magic, Fate hands out tokens and omens based on their behavior. The teens survive the quest only by earning the tokens that will counteract the potentially lethal omens.

Zander trusts Fate. Alexa only trusts herself. When Fate intervenes, they find they’re both wrong. Now, Fate has given them each a special gift—Zander sees secrets he doesn’t want, and Alexa’s thrilled to find she can control events through her embroidery scenes.

After Zander and Alexa each earn a Black Panther omen that makes surviving the quest nearly impossible, they must break the rules and challenge Fate together. If they don’t, one will die. And Fate has made it clear—she won’t be cheated.

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