Keep Calm and Sparkle On–ARC give-way!

Hi Friends–

If you know me, you know I love to celebrate every writing milestone! This week, my wonderful editor sent me ARCs for Book Two of The Wish List series! Since they arrived on International Day of the Girl, I thought it would be fun to give away some books with GIRL POWER!

But first, since this is all about Isabelle, let’s start with a very difficult QUIZ!!!

To celebrate the release of the ARC of KEEP CALM AND SPARKLE ON, should I:

a) give a few copies away?

b) give a few copies away plus a few copies of The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever?

c) give away a few copies, plus a few copies of The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever PLUS some wands and a small but nice pile of books about strong girls and women I admire, most of which I have pictured below? 


Want to win?

Don’t forget the fine print:

Leave a message in the comments BEFORE October 16. (It doesn’t have to be long! Just your name! Or maybe tell me how you made someone happily ever after!) For an extra chance, RT or like this tweet or post–the regular stuff.  

Thanks for helping me share the sparkle!!!

xo sarah





23 Responses
  1. Lisa Maucione

    Choice D sounds great! Keep Calm and Sparkle On! – I just love the title! Thanks for the chance to win a copy! @DrLMaucione

  2. Kristen Picone

    I wish we could really sprinkle sparkles all over the world and wave a wand to bring peace and happiness to the world. Thank you for writing books that bring happiness!

    1. Sarah Aronson

      I am so grateful to be writing these books–and sharing the sparkle– at this time in history!

      THANK YOU for all you do!!!

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