Make Way for Ducklings…Chicago style!

ducks 2


Call her misguided.

Call her resourceful.

Call her a single mother with very few choices!

This mother duck found a place to lay her eggs…outside my husband’s office…which would be fine…except the area is enclosed. There is no way out. (except via air!)

(For those who do not know, my husband is professionally all about safety.)

So of course, when we saw Mama with her nest full of eggs and no way to swim or walk to safety, we were worried. We began to ask questions. We called vets. Facilities. The state. (Wildlife is protected!)

What could we do? What would she do if she couldn’t get them out? Was it okay to give her bread? What about a wading pool?

Well, finally, we have good news! The ducklings hatched! They are fine! As you can see, there is an office full of grandmas delighted to help her out.

Now we are planning the “big escape.” Yes, there will be pictures, esp if there is a duck walk involved.


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