My High Holidays goal: Write what matters. Put creativity first.

Dear Writers, Teachers, and Friends,

During these nine days of Awe, as the heat has (finally) broken, I’ve thought a lot about my goals for this year. I’ve thought about new stories. Talking to readers. Making a difference. Working with writers.

I am lucky.

But I am also troubled. Mostly, for creativity. For play. For our very fragile creative hearts.

Even though we have much to celebrate–including the emergence of more and more diverse stories–we are fearful. We read the news and we are scared. We watch what is happening and that stifles our ability to write and create authentically.

It’s been almost a year and the election still hurts. Every new revelation makes creating harder.

In a world seemingly driven by a 24 ┬áhour news cycle and an administration that seems determined to create chaos for the sake of chaos, it takes effort to feel safe. To relax. To get into the zone…the cave…your safe place (whatever you call it), turn off your internal editor, and find your stories.

And how ironic–because with all this chaos, the world needs story more than ever!

So what can we do?

Here are my tips! Please add yours. Let’s help each other.

  1. TURN OFF YOUR PHONES. If you can’t, take breaks from the world. REAL BREAKS. I’ve written before about the benefits of the pomodoro method. If you want to know more: email me!
  2. Do something for someone else. I promise you–there is a reason I’m writing about fairy godmothers. Taking the spotlight off yourself and putting it onto others is rewarding and calming and inspiring in a gazillion ways!
  3. READ! Was there ever a better time???? READ a book that serves! That shows the world we want to live in.
  4. Get yourself a better bedtime ritual. No phones. No news. How about roll over and talk to your loved ones?
  5. Whether you are Jewish or not, take the moment and make T’shuvah. Apologize sincerely for what you have done. (If you are sincerely apologized to, you have to accept!! It’s a rule!!!) Then set goals for doing better. And then do it! Make creativity part of that goal. If you like, try something new. (I’ll be doing more painting.)
  6. Most of all, BE BOLD. Write the story you love. The story the world needs. The story that matters. Do not think about the market. Or the product. Write for YOURSELF. For your hearts. For JOY.

All this chaos can pull us down. But it doesn’t have to. Find your safe place. Find the story you want to write. Find the magic in your work. Then share it with others. This past year has been tough, but it has also been inspiring. I have seen the mettle in so many friends.

We can do this!

Shanah Tovah!

xo sarah



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