beyond-luckyEver since my mom asked me to make posters for George McGovern, I have been interested in politics.

And why not? We elect leaders to make this world better.

I have never missed the opportunity to vote. When I was living in New Hampshire, I met many candidates. My son, Elliot, discovered presidential trivia when he was about ten. It was because of him that Beyond Lucky’s Ari Fish counts presidents for luck!

As I wrote the book, Elliot collected lots of great quotes from all the presidents. The one thing they have in common: our greatest leaders extol honor and empathy for the plight of every day Americans. That’s a theme in the book, too.

It’s all about regular people who are heroes. 🙂

And heroes who are sometimes just regular people. 🙁

I’m going to start sharing some of the quotes on a regular basis. Right here. Until election day.

Do you have a favorite presidential quote or speech? Send it to me! I’d love to share it!


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