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As much as I love cut and paste, scrivener, and all the other electronic toys in my writer’s toolbox, the part that always reveals that last layer…is when I put pen (or pencil) to paper.

That is where I am now.

I have a revised draft.

I printed it.

And now I’m reading…with a nice, bold pen in my hand. (I like a bold line.)

What is it about the pen to paper that changes how we read? What is it about paper that shows us what is really working…and perhaps, what isn’t quite there yet?

Does the medium make a difference?

There have been studies about this…the ones I’ve read have mixed, anecdotal results. As for me, these days, I do most of my writing–draft included–on the computer. And I think because of that, I write (a little bit) faster. And my novels have gotten longer.

That said…

I love my notecards. And I love how my brain seems to see NEW things when I switch media, when I go from the screen to the page.

That’s why I still stick with the pen and the paper, at least for one or two rounds. It wakes up my mind. It changes what I see. It gets me off the computer! Best of all, I read in a new way. And after all these months of work, if I can do that…I am in good shape.

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  1. Thank you, Sarah. I like to print out and “see” the pages too, instead of just looking at them on screen. I also like to make final edits on paper pages. My best wishes to you with your creative pursuits!

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