read instead


When I am having trouble writing, I examine my writing to reading to watching ratio.

When I watch too much, I am less present. I am too distant. Disengaged. When I read, I think. I infer. I invite my brain to be inspired.

Last week at Lollapalooza, I saw this phenom on a grand scale. There were so many people in one place that the phones, the tweets, the FB DID NOT WORK. Along with everyone in the space, I had to be present. I had to enjoy what was in front of me. I had no way of distancing myself. (It was GREAT!!!!!)

This week, I’m doing that in my writing life. I’m turning off the internet for my writing time. I am not going to watch (except Breaking Bad) when I can read. I am going to invite inspiration and images and ideas. I’m going to be present and attentive. I’m not going to let myself be preoccupied with reviews/news/shows/etc.

Want to join me?

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