We have a winner!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the enthusiasm for The Wish List 2: Keep Calm and Sparkle On!

As a person who has NEVER WON ANYTHING EVER (except one game of negative Bingo–in other words: I was the last person to put a tile on my board),

picking the winner for a giveaway:

a) is very exciting!!!

b) is a bit nerve-wracking (I wish I had more ARCs!!!)

c) requires a bowl and a steady hand and also a girlgoyle!! (Sorry if the video shakes.)


Check the video: giveaway video

Congratulations to AMBER WEBB!!!!

DM me with your contact info. Books about strong girls are coming your way!

Again, thank you to everyone! Keep SHARING YOUR SPARKLE!!!

Special thanks to Anna Bloom, my amazing editor at Scholastic, who is literally making all my wishes come true!

xo s


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