College-Hall-in-the-mistTomorrow is registration day for the Writing Novels for Young People Retreat at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

(insert: squeal!!!!)

This weekend is one of my favorites of the year. Why? This retreat, unlike many retreats, focuses solely on CRAFT. Although we invite an editor, there is no talk of markets or trends or deals. In other words: it’s what I call a safe place. Dedicated to creativity. The goal: to dig deep. To find seeds. To explore writing. To talk and think and most of all, be INSPIRED. To reconnect with or find your tribe.

What is it like?

For some, it’s an introduction to VCFA. For others, a mini residency or post graduate enrichment. For others: the moment you figure out why you are a writer.

I call it magic. 

The second I get to campus, I feel different. It’s like inspiration KNOWS there will be takers here. So she visits . . . and hangs around. As the weekend progresses, I watch the lightbulbs turn ON. To BRIGHT.

How does that happen?

Call it the VCFA way. During the weekend, there are lectures. If you like, there is writing time. If you need more feedback, there are workshops. Enroll in a workshop and you get a bonus: a one on one consultation with one of our guests. This year, Carolyn Coman and Martine Leavitt are coming. Micol Ostow, our alumni lecturer, will also be leading a brand new guided workshop. And editor Laura Schrieber will give us a peek into HER process. (One on one sessions with Laura are limited! Act fast if this is important to you.) My favorite part of the weekend is Saturday night. In part, because we eat PIZZA. But mostly because everyone reads two pages. THIS is magic, too. When you read, you are declaring to the world, I AM A WRITER.

There is nothing more important than that.

So, if this sounds like something you need, PLEASE REGISTER. Our lectures are geared for writers who are advanced. That means: you have an MFA. Or are published. Or have finished a manuscript and have revised it. You’ve been at it for a while and know you need a spark. Or it means: you want more. You want to study. You are ready. You want inspiration.

This is not the only place to find it, but it’s one place.

The weekend takes place: March 18-20, 2016. You can come early on Thursday.

It’s always a WONDERFUL weekend.

xo sarah

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  1. Rianah Ntanya

    Hey! I sadly stumbled upon this month’s too late (clearly!). I’m desperately looking for a retreat like this, however, in London I havent had much luck in finding one. Just wondering if you could give me a bit of direction or whether you have any insight on upcoming retreats.


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