Writing Workshops

For Writers of Books
for Children and Young Adults

Are you looking for a class to spark your next revision? To shore up your latest WIP? Or introduce you to advanced craft ideas? My classes are for children’s writers of all levels of experience at every step in the process.

Whole Novel Workshop

Take your novel to the next level! Our instructors will challenge you to look at your novel critically and to find openings and opportunities for revision. This comprehensive workshop includes one-on-one sessions, lectures, group discussions, and exercises to support and facilitate your creative process. The goal is to help you revise and polish your novel in preparation for submission.

Getting to Know Your Novel

Join me on an eight-week journey into your work in progress. Each week Sarah will invite you into our web classroom, where she will outline ways to deepen your understanding of plot, character, revision, and more. Enjoy activities like “The Power of Play” and “Unpacking the Plot” as you discover more about your own writing.

No time for class, but you need some feedback? Work One on One with me!

Every great one-on-one experience begins with getting to know each other. I like to know where you are in your writing journey. Is this your first novel? Do you belong to a critique group? What kinds of feedback have worked for you in the past? What craft books and novels do you keep next to your desk?

Once we know each other, the work begins.


  • “Sarah ROCKS. She gives her all, each and every week. She leads by example and that sets the bar high!! With two master’s degrees, I have had many wonderful professors and yet, Sarah’s command of the discipline she teaches is unparalleled… Sarah helped us reach our fullest potential as writers, editors, readers, and over the course of 10 weeks, friends… I will recommend Writers on the Net to others and, more specifically, I will highly recommend Sarah Aronson. And YES, I will be back.”

    Susan McCadam Hoffman
  • “I’ve taken dozens of writing classes over the year and this may be the best. Bravo.”

    Tami Brown
  • “Sarah Aronson’s classes are the best! Please sign me up for the next…Assignments are stimulating and thought-provoking. But best of all is the chance to share ongoing work with other writers, and especially with Sarah. Her feedback is always thoughtful and right on. I can’t imagine a more nurturing environment in which to learn.”

    Carol Hosford
  • “Incredible teacher! Amazingly knowledgeable. Super supportive! Empowering! Challenged and stretched us beyond our expectations! Our instructor had the ability to ask the right questions to let us uncover the answers! A rare gift in a teacher!! I would definitely recommend your classes and I’ve already done so.”

    Carmen Oliver
  • “Sarah is one of those rare teachers that puts her heart and soul into her teaching. She is generous with her time and makes her students feels as though they have her undivided attention. She quickly familiarizes herself with both the writer and their work, which is beneficial in the format of this class…I found the class truly valuable.”

    Tina Athaide
  • “I have given this class my highest of recommendations to many people, including during a speech I had to make to a group of writers reporting on how I used the fellowship grant they awarded me.”

    Robyn Ryan
  • “I thought the class was wonderful…Sarah Aronson is a truly gifted teacher – she encourages, inspires, while teaching and guiding. She truly cares about the students in her class and is devoted to helping them. She puts in an enormous amount of time to help each student. She is a wonderful teacher and I feel so lucky to have taken her class…You are lucky to have Sarah as a teacher. She is fantastic.”

    Elly Swartz