This month, I am writing fast! I have to write fast! Because I am on a deadline!

I have never written fast before, so I made up some rules:

1. NO INTERNET until after 4 pages written.

1a: But first, I made a PLAN. I wrote an outline and a couple of storyboards. So I know where I am going.

2. Write first thing in the morning. First, some free writing. Then pages.

3. Walk every day. With a notebook. So I can write down what I’m thinking. When I’m stuck, I’m going to switch locations. LISTENING is a big part of my process, whether I’m writing fast or slow. My brain needs SPACE. I need to play–otherwise I get nothing done!

4. As always: READ when I can. Reading inspires me. It gives me ideas!!!

Wish me luck!

How do YOU write fast?

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