Yoga Wisdom: how it’s going…

Triangle_13So…..a while back, my yoga teacher challenged me to change my spot, to get out of the comfort zone (as if there is such a thing in the hot room), and this is what happened:


at first, it was HARD. I had a bad class. I had definitely been practicing in a cooler spot.

but then, I did better. I creeped into an even hotter spot and went for it. I made myself focus. I had a good class.

Today, I set out to push myself even harder. I’d had a bad writing day–I wasn’t sure where my idea was going. I knew definitively that I didn’t know more than I knew. I was lost.

In class, the teacher said: How you work in here says a lot about how you work out there. He told us to stop making excuses. Physically….and mentally. He reminded us that we can talk ourselves into defeat.

I came home and stopped worrying about what I knew and what I didn’t. I just went for it. I took the strength I had in class and put it into my writing. It was a better day. A step forward. I still don’t know what I want to say in this book, but I reminded myself that I’d been here before….and that I could get there.


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  1. Gerri Lanier

    * Nice post, Sarah. Thanks! That statement from your instructor – we can talk ourselves into defeat- struck a chord with me. I’ll also keep your words in mind while I go on with my revisions. Best wishes for better writing days!

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